Brisbane Neighborhood

Boise, Idaho

Brisbane Neighborhood's part of a northwest Boise area known as Pierce Park, named after mayor W.E. Pierce and a waterfront amusement park from the early 1900s. Build in the 1990s, we don't know why it's "Brisbane" anymore, but given our street names it's clearly an Australia reference.

We take pride in being a small & affordable neighborhood.

If you're new to our area, welcome, and if you've been here a while, hi!

Want to chat, give feedback, ask questions?

Email Wade at, or stop by 6533 W Kangaroo Ct.

Our association, dues, board, and meetings

What's Brisbane Neighborhood Association? Our subdivision was built with quite a few common lots:

  • a path to the school, maintained for benefit of Boise Schools & our neighbors, providing access to the school, playground, field/courts, services and shopping outside of school hours

  • a large drainage basin required by Ada County Highway District

  • the island on Gold Coast St - not particularly functional, but it looks good!

Those lots are owned by the association, and property owners accept membership as part of the title process. A board elected by members manages its affairs, primarily upkeep of those lots! Expected costs (e.g. for maintenance, water, insurance, taxes, improvements/repairs) are covered by annual "regular assessments" to members, informally known as "dues." Our dues have held at $150/year since mid-2000s, costs kept level (and now in decline) by a conservative approach. We greatly appreciate neighbors help keep things functional and looking nice all around!

The current board is Wade (president), Sabina (treasurer/secretary), and Dan, and all three live in the neighborhood.

Our annual meeting's typically late April, announced early April by mail.

Dues notices go out by mail also, after the meeting, so typically in May. May's when maintenance bills start coming in, so thanks for getting full payment in, or payment plan set up with us, in May!

What've we done, what might we do?

We've made recent common lot improvements:

  • Summer 2018 we replaced grass along the path with rock, ending water service there.

  • Spring 2022 we re-landscaped the island, after its trees, near end of lifespan anyway, were damaged by a collision in 2020. The new design uses less water, should be cheaper to maintain.

  • We've removed some aging/damaged fence around the drainage lot. We've talked about replacing it, but it's possibly cheaper to remove everything that's not shared fence, to maintain the drainage area at a higher standard than try to hide it? ACHD puts restrictions on what we can do on the basin floor, and requires irrigated grass to hold the slopes - but trees on the slopes might be allowed. Either way, this lot's probably next for improvement.

  • Another possibility is cluster mailboxes sited at a common lot, replacing individual posts/boxes owners maintain. See an example in Panther Creek to the south of the school.

It always helps to hear what neighbors want - let us know!

Members-only disclosures & documents

Later in 2022 we'll provide financial disclosures to members required by Idaho's newly reorganized & expanded laws covering HOAs here.

We use Google Drive for this. Please

  • provide your full name & property address

  • use a personal Google account (instead of work/school)

in your access request!