Brisbane Neighborhood

Boise, Idaho

Brisbane Neighborhood's part of a northwest Boise area known as Pierce Park, named after W.E. Pierce and a waterfront amusement park from the early 1900s. Built in the late 1990s, we don't remember why it's "Brisbane" anymore, but given street names it's clearly an Australia reference.

We take pride in being a small, quiet, and affordable neighborhood.

If you're new to our neighborhood, welcome, and if you've been here a while, hi again!

Our association, dues, board, and meetings

What's Brisbane Neighborhood Association? Our subdivision was built with quite a few common lots:

  • a path, maintained for benefit of Boise Schools & our neighbors, providing access to the school and points south/west

  • a full-sized drainage lot in the middle of the subdivision

  • the island on Gold Coast St

Those lots are owned/managed by the association, and property owners accept association membership on title transfer. A board elected by members manages the association's affairs. Expected costs, and reasonable savings toward common lot repair/improvements, are covered by annual "regular assessments" to members, informally known as "dues." Our dues have held at $150/year since mid-2000s, with costs steadied by conservative spending and redesigns toward lower maintenance cost. We greatly appreciate neighbors helping keep things functional and looking nice within budget!

The current board is Wade (president), Sabina (treasurer/secretary), and Dan. All three of us live in the neighborhood.

Our annual meeting's typically late April, announced early April by mail to owner address. The 2023 date will be posted here also.

What've we done, what might we do?

  • Spring 2022 we re-landscaped the island, after its original trees were damaged by vehicle collision in 2020. We've reduced water & maintenance required here with the new design.

  • Summer 2018 we replaced grass along the path with rock. The pines in that area no longer require water service, and the valve broke and required repair - replacing the grass was the more sustainable option.

  • We removed portions of vehicle-damaged fence around the drainage lot. In the past we've replaced portions, but one replaced portion was hit again. We've talked about replacing again, but removing everything other than shared fence, then maintaining/improving the drainage area to somewhat higher standard, may be an alternative to consider.

  • Another possibility is cluster mailboxes, replacing posts/boxes owners maintain, saving owners on box/post/sidewalk maintenance, maybe improving package security. See examples in Panther Creek to the south, Fenwick to the north. These also have downsides worth discussing.

It always helps to hear what neighbors want - let us know!

Financial statements & transfer fee disclosures

We currently provide financial statements & transfer fee disclosures to members & members' agents through this site. (Note the only applicable transfer fee is also stated in CC&Rs 8.3.1, available here.)

For now we're providing these to members and members agents' only, so you'll need to request access. In your request please provide:

  • full name

  • Brisbane property address

  • relationship to the property (should be member/owner - if you'd like to assign access to someone else, please provide their name & email address ALSO)

We'll also provide copies with our annual meeting mailing, and provided an early disclosure in a December 2022 special mailing, but Idaho 55-32 requires disclosures before & after year end, on an ongoing basis, and this site's cheaper & easier than additional mailings. But if you'd like documents delivered another way please email!

Other documents

CC&Rs and association bylaws are available here.